From a young age, the allure of jewelry design sparked our founder's imagination, leading to the creation of GemPic. As an innovative, USA-born-and-based company, we saw a world of repetitive designs and vowed to break the cycle.

From that vision, came the GemPic. Our proprietary faceted lens is transforms metals stones into more than a piece of jewelry. It’s a secret keeper, a modern locket, holding an image – a cherished memory – within its core. We're committed to creating meaningful mementos that allow you to carry your closest memories with you. 

As a Christian company, each piece we create is a reflection of our dedication to quality, integrity, and uniqueness.

At GemPic, we're not just making jewelry – we're capturing your favorite memories and encapsulating them forever into your jewelry. 

We invite you to join our journey as we redefine the true meaning of jewelry.